View Over Busy Trade Show

12 Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show Exhibition

Although there are many different options for advertising and marketing trade shows are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing a product, service, brand or organisation. Follow these suggestions below to have a great exhibition experience when using these tips.

1. Grab the Best Location

Research your industry and choose the most applicable trade shows that feature visitors that would want to meet you and learn about your organisation. Ask the team behind the event for their marketing plan to find out who will be there.

2. Have Set Goals

When choosing to attend a trade show set realistic goals of what you want to accomplish during the event. You will want to have a plan in place whether it be selling products or services, generating interest, acquiring leads, or branding.

3. Feature Your Main Goals

You want your exhibition stand to first attract your target audience to you and then engage them. Have your stand feature marketing that showcases your objectives and feature short and powerful messages that reflect your brand.

4. Have a Powerful Advertising Gimmick

A great method to get people to look at and visit your modular exhibition stands is to engage their curiosity and you can do this by featuring a strange gimmick that is interesting and intriguing that is somehow related to your brand.

5. Let Others Know You Will Be Featured

You should use the tools available to you to market to your target audience that your brand will be featured at a trade show. You can use social media, your website, twitter, blogs, email marketing, postal mail and other methods to get people interested.

6. Have a Well-Trained Sales Team

A great psychological technique is to have your sales team ask attendees open-ended questions to engage them in conversation. Avoid approaching potential customers with questions that only require a one-word response.

7. Engage all Five Senses

Have your exhibition stand engage all of your audiences five senses. This makes your brand more memorable. You can have interactivity that involves touching, tasting, smelling, hearing, and seeing your products, services or brand in some way.

8. Be Prepared

Much of an exhibition stand success will relate to how well your staff engages potential customers. You will want your staff well trained, with short conversations, listening more then they talk and focusing on visitors and their needs and desires.

9. Avoid Mistakes

There are certain things not to do while exhibiting at a trade show that includes not talking on the phone the whole time, eating in front of the public, hiding behind a desk, not talking to people or not facing them.

10. Capture Leads

You will be meeting a lot of people and you will need to record their information and what they were interested in. Be sure to collect this information and use it.

11. Always Follow Up

Have your sales staff contact the people that spent time visiting your exhibition that gave their contact information to your sales team. You want to engage those customers and get the results you wished to reach while at the show.

12. Review Your Results

Find out whether or not you reached your goals and whether or not the event was successful or not. You will want to be able to find out your return on investment and how you can do it again in better ways. Find out your results to know how you did.