4 Instagram Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry

Industries, irrespective of their size and specialism have started taking their businesses on Instagram to make them more searchable.

The travel industry has also been taking advantage of the fact that Instagram is based mostly on visuals.

Before traveling to any particular place, people prefer visualizing the engagement that a particular place is going to offer.

Right from aquamarine waters to white beaches, from the bright lights to snow-blanketed slopes, people consider everything before planning their vacation.

As stated by SmartInsights.com, almost two-thirds of people belonging to the age group of 18 to 34 have admitted that the Instagrammability of a particular place is the most crucial factor when a holiday is being booked.

If you are interested in marketing your travel business on Instagram, consider the tips that have been listed below.

Leverage Social Influencers

Influencers are undoubtedly great for getting more likes as well as connecting with those people who trust Instagram posts more than anything else.

Influencers are known to have huge follower bases and they can help in getting the word of your business out and can even create viral effects.

This is going to be appropriate when you are promoting any exclusive content, touting a particular deal, recommending any travel experience, etc.

When you commission high-profile influencers and ask them to post on behalf of you, it will not only help in gaining exposure but will also increase the revenue, eventually.

Young Travelling Couple Taking Selfie

Consistently Share Different Types of Content

You have to understand that as a travel company, you need to post attractive visual content on your Instagram feed.

The content has to be of high-resolution and should be capable of compelling the audience to pack their bags and leave for their vacations.

Inspiring and beautiful images are mandatory.

However, one thing that you cannot miss knowing is that your content needs to be diverse.

Apart from posting pictures of seascapes and mountains, you also have the option of juxtaposing inspirational quotes or any other kind of content that is going to reflect the values of your brand as well as the identity.

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Leverage Stories

You indeed have the option of promoting polished content with the help of Instagram posts but if you are interested in going authentic, you need to leverage Instagram Stories. Stories have undoubtedly become one of the best features of Instagram as it is capable of helping brands to gain awareness.

You can also give your followers a mesmerizing and unique look into what you are offering.

Create Social Media Calendars

During certain times, it is obvious that you will be interested in focusing on particular kinds of content.

This means that you need to concentrate on the winter breaks during the winter season, city breaks during autumn and spring, and beach destinations during the summer season.

When you create a social media calendar and take note of the different holidays, it will be easier for you to ensure that the content that you are posting is relevant and timely, which will help your customers to engage.


Travel companies that have gained success on Instagram have understood that Instagram is not only about displaying images.

It is also about inspiring other people to travel.

Ensure that you are focusing on the tips that have been mentioned above to create immersive and inspirational content.