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Foal burned alive by electric cable thieves using her to test if cable was 'live'

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foalA HEARTLESS gang of thieves attempting to steal high voltage cable from a pylon burned a young foal to death after using her as a tester to check if the wires were still 'live'.

The charred remains of the six-month old horse were discovered after 3,000 homes were plunged into darkness as the criminals stole the copper cabling from an electricity pylon, cutting the electricity supply.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported one resident affected by the power cut near Sittingbourne, Kent, UK, said: “Almost all of us had no electricity on the night in question, but when we heard about the foal being burned alive everyone was horrified.

“Most of us believe the people responsible used the foal to test whether the wires were still live - either by putting it on the cable or tempting it over with food.”

The owner of the field where the foal was found said the animal was 'horrifically burned'.

The rise in the value of copper has led soaring levels of cable thefts across the UK.

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