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Mad Men star Christina Hendricks being lined-up for new Wonder Woman movie

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WONDER Woman movie boschristina-hendricks-as-wondses have decided Mad Men actress CHRISTINA HENDRICKS the perfect curves to do justice to the iconic outfit.

U2 frontman Bono has 'made in Germany stamped on his ass'

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BONO is to take to the GLASTONBURY stage oU2-and-Bonon Friday in 'bionic' form after being rebuilt by German surgeons.

Sozzled Amy Winehouse cancels tour (but 'she was pushed onstage even though she could barely stand')

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Sozzled Amy Winehouse cancelsAmy-Winehouse-drunk tour (but 'she was pushed onstage even though she could barely stand')

A CLEARLY hammered AMY WINEHOUSE was shoved onstage, despite being barely able to stand, at the opening night of her tour in Serbia, it was claimed today.

Fellow performer ANA ZOE KIDA, whose band ZEMLJA GRUVA shared the bill, said: "Four British bodyguards simply pushed her to step up on stage.

"She did not want to and was making a scene trying to escape them.

"It was distressing to see, she obviously needed help."

Winehouse, 27, was booed and heckled by a furious 20,000 crowd as she slurred her way through the 70-minute show.

She has now cancelled all performances.

A spokesman for Winehouse said: "Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances. Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen."

But he denied Zoe's claims that Amy was pushed on stage and said she voluntarily walked on with a friend.


Huge outdoor Eminem gig could be axed because it clashes with a religious prayer group meeting

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AN UNHOLY row has broken out over a massivEminem-Bangore EMINEM gig which clashes with a religious prayer convention in a tiny Northern Ireland town.

Ryan Dunn car crash death a fake claim websites

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MJackass-Ryan-DunnOVIE and gossip websites were today buzzing with speculation that the death of 'Jackass' star RYAN DUNN was a stunt to promote his new film.

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