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Is Angelina Jolie suffering an eating disorder?

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angelina-jolie-skinnyON the right Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars.

Kate Upton's sensually sexy TV debut

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kate-upton-adKATE Upton has made her TV ad debut in a super-sexy advertisment for, er, a fast food chain.

Uma Thurman is having another baby at the age of 41

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umaUMA Thurman is having another baby at the age of 41.

Justin Bieber threatens legal action over 'Joustin' Beaver' game

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justin-beiberJUSTIN Bieber is threatening to take legal action against the makers of the 'Joustin' Beaver' mobile phone game.

X Factor is over, get over it Tweets Cheryl Cole

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cheryl-coleCHERYL Cole has put the final nail into any speculation she will be returning to the X Factor judging panel this year.

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