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Foo Fighters ban fried beagle in dressing room

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Foo-Fighters-coloring-bookFOO FIGHTERS front man DAVE GROHL has put together a bizarre coloring book explaining to all venue holders that the band don't want to eat FRIED BEAGLE!


The band hand out a 52-page booklet to all gig bosses explaining the band's 'rider' – the list of things which venues must provide for the FooFighter's comfort.

And it includes NO cauliflower soup because “ Roadies get bloated and become colicky when they've inhaled too much cream of cauliflower soup”, and absolutely no fried beagle, Smurfs, or chicken lips on their plates.

And the bizarre rider goes on to demand 'a chick flick' , unopened condiments, and no roast beef unless it has been personally slaughtered by the venue boss!

At the back of the booklet is an amazing Foo Fighters coloring book, penned by Grohl.

And if all this seems a bit much the band's tongue-in-cheek explanation reads: “We are just another band trying to make enough money to fuel our private jet, please help.”

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