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Reality TV star hit in face by watermelon at 100mph

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Claire-ChamplinREALITY TV star CLAIRE CHAMPLIN took a watermelon full in the face at 100 mph when a stunt on The Amazing Race show went badly wrong.


Champlin, who co-hosts Home Shopping with pal BROOK ROBERTS, was hurt when the 15lb fruit was catapulted at high speed to her head.


The star was smashed to the ground as the watermelon exploded. Show insiders say the fruit would have been travelling in excess of 100mph when it made contact.


Amazingly the 30-year-old was not seriously hurt but said: “I can't feel my face. I have the worst headache and can't even see straight.”


Her understanding pal and co-host Roberts however kept her eyes on the prize and said: “You've got to finish, we've got no other option.”


The Amazing Race stunt involved using massive sling shots to fire watermelons at a suit of armour.


Claire and Brook ended up placing second in the show.


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