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Are Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry an item?

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Prince-Harry-and-Pippa-MiddSPECULATION is mounting among British royal-watchers that Prince Harry and Pippa 'The Bottom' Middleton have become an item.


The pair have repeatedly met up since they shared the joy of their siblings' Prince William and Kate Middelton's wedding, and are obviously incredibly at ease in each other's company.

The two even share a naughty joke about Pippa's reputed prediliction for not wearing pants. She calls him 'Captain' and he calls her 'Commando'.

Wedding guests also laughed when Prince Harry ended his best man's speech with the line 'Pippa, call me.’

A royal insider pointed out that they had also both become even closer recently as they had both split with partners and had been seeing a great deal more of each other and 'helping each other out'.

She said: “They speak on the phone all the time and have met up at least five times since the wedding, once for tea at his Clarence House apartments... She thinks he’s got a really cheeky sense of humour.”

Harry and Pippa were also spotted together at The Troubadour in Chelsea.

What do you think? Would Harry and Pippa be another royal love-match? Let us know below.

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