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Huge outdoor Eminem gig could be axed because it clashes with a religious prayer group meeting

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AN UNHOLY row has broken out over a massivEminem-Bangore EMINEM gig which clashes with a religious prayer convention in a tiny Northern Ireland town.


Locals are so furious that the rap star's notoriously foul-mouthed lyrics might mar their spiritual weekend that they are battling to get the gig scrapped.

So far 55,000 tickets have been sold for the Eminem Tennent’s Vital concert at Ward Park, Bangor, on August 24. But the local council have not yet granted a licence.

Just yards away on the same day the Bangor Missionary Convention will be taking place at the nearby Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church.

Local man Brian Ashworth says he is campaigning on behalf of local residents to stop the Eminem  gig going ahead is lobbying North Down Borough Council.

The 47-year-old fears the rapper’s explicit lyrics will be audible beyond the park venue, particularly to those taking part in the missionary event.

He said: “I have no issue with a family-friendly concert in a park but this is a performer who uses the crudest language — language that degrades women and has the foulest, most twisted content.

“I have been doing a survey to determine how far the lyrics will be heard and local residents tell me that they heard previous concerts at the park. The council should never have allowed this.”


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