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Britney Spears admits she's pregnant with Brad Pitt's babies

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BRITNEY Spears has admitted she is pregnant Britney-Spearsby Brad Pitt – and she's having quintuplets.


The bonkers claim is made in her sizzling new video which takes a huge swipe at the tabloid press and the paparazzi.

The track, I Wanna Go, opens with Britney answering a series of outrageous fictional questions at a press conference before exploding in an angry F-word strewn rant.

Inn the opening sequence a journalist asks: “Is it true you've banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale tour?”

Britney replies: “Yes, it is.”

Another asks: “Britney, can you confirm reports you're pregnant with Brad Pitt's lovechild?”

She responds: “That is false. It's quintuplets!”

The rest of the video sees Britney going all out to shock, even stripping her top off in front of a young boy and his dad.

She also uses her microphone to seriously injure four paparazzi photographers – but they turn out to be Terminator style robots!

The thing that really doesn't ring true though is Britney's ultra-flat abs – with no sign of the tummy she has been displaying on her current tour.

Fan response has been mixed.

One said: “Shocking and trashy afraid to say she's lost it. Love Brit but whoever her management is needs sacking, hardly appropriate behavior of a mother flashing in a sexualised *surprise* video. It's all that sells now....just ask katy perry, rihanna, saturdays etc......NEXT!”

But another added: “Britney is AWESOME! She always comes up with a new sound, yet still retains the classic B sound! Her style is unique and fresh, and her vids top notch! Plus she doesn't have to resort to wearing meat and constantly make biblical references to sell albums! Luv her, the last true Popstar! ♥”

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