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Violence mars U2 Glastonbury show as security men battle to silence protest

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U2-tax-protestSECURITY men showed Glastonbury's 'peace and love' origins are well and truly dead after they attacked activists protesting that U2 should pay their tax.


Violence broke out as heavies wrestled members of direct action group Art Uncut to the floor as they attempted to release a 20 foot high balloon carrying the slogan "U Pay Tax 2?" as Bono and the band took to the stage.

The heavy-handed handling of protesters, during U2's opening song Until The End Of The World, sparked further angry clashes with 30 or more festival-goers.

Protesters were pinned against a fence near the stage after attempting to hold on to the balloon.

So far there have been no arrests.

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis said while he encourages political activism he believed the protest against U2's tax status was unfair.

Eavis pointed out that the band are generous with their donations to charity.

However the heavy-handed security intervention on a legitimate political protest against a massive multi-national brand might leave those present at the inaugural 1971 Glastonbury hippy-fest scratching their heads.

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