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Former 230lb fatso becomes stunning beauty queen (and serious Miss America contender)

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Fatso-to-beauty-queenA FORMER 230lb fatso has stunned friends by becoming a beauty queen and serious contender for the Miss America title.


Bree Boyce, 22, shed a massive 110lbs to win the Miss South Carolina state heat on Saturday. She now goes through to the Miss America final in Las Vegas in January.

Bree, a singer, did not use any fad diets or 'amazing new secret' to shed the fat. Instead she puts her transformation down to 'good eating habits, exercise, and believing in yourself'.

But the svelte beauty queen also hung on to her size 18 jeans to remind herself of her previous size.

She said: “My goal in life is to inspire all ages to become healthy through good eating habits, exercise, and believing in Yourself. You have the Power to Change Your Life.

“I look forward to sharing my message with people. I'm lucky enough to be meeting people through speaking engagements, school visits, and through various charity events.”

She says she does not believe in dieting, because she has failed trying so many, but instead views her body as a car, which requires the right fuel to run efficiently.

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