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£4000-a-week soccer star says he can't pay child support because he needs the money for Ferrari repairs

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ferrari-question-markA PRO soccer player earning £4,000 a week claimed he could not pay to support his child because  he needed the money to pay for repairs to his Ferrari.

The absent father who made the shocking excuse is allowed to remain anonymous.

But his claim is among a detailed list of incredible attempts by absent parents to duck their responsibilities released by the UK's Child Support Agency.

One father claimed he could not pay because he ‘had to take his ostrich to the vet’, while another told the CSA: ‘I’m not paying another penny. I’ve already bought my child a pick-and-mix this week.’

One particularly annoyed man said: “I paid for her breast enhancement – and her new boyfriend is getting the benefit. I’m not paying child maintenance on top.”

Another father had a sex change operation and argued she should not have to pay because she was no longer a man.

Work and Pensions Minister Maria Miller said: “These ridiculous excuses show there is still a hardcore trying to avoid paying what they owe.”

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