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Woman famous for having huge fake breasts gets own national magazine

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Katie-magazineYOU either love her or loathe her – but there has never been any question over her soaring personal ambition.

And this week the 'Katie Price plc' machine will chalk up another payday when the news-stands (and the public) get their first taste of her eponymous glossy 'Katie'.

Few celebrities have successfully pulled off the launch of a magazine dedicated to them.

Oprah Winfrey is a notable exception – but few would put the over-exposed topless model Katie Price (formerly known as Jordan) on a par with the much-loved US interviewer.

Indeed the premier edition of 'Katie' contains such must-read gems as 'Beauty Products I Can't Live Without' and 'I Will Get Married Again'.

The publishers of Newsweek must be quaking in their boots.

However, Ms Price will shrug off all criticism.

The magazine is expected to net her around £400,000-per-year.

A UK media journalist said: “ Learning that Katie Price ‘can’t just leave one Rice Krispie in the bowl: there has to be two’, is not life-changing stuff.

“But at £3.99 an issue, Katie magazine is poised to net the glamour model £370,000 a year.

“If it takes off, it may prove that she’s no fool — but what it says about the British public is anyone’s guess.”

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