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Rodent crawls on table at Jamie Oliver restaurant

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jamies-italianA STARTLED couple tucking into a meal at one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants spotted a MOUSE on their table.

Sandra Cooper and husband Kevin glanced up to see the brazen rodent staring at their plates.
Sandra said: "It was just sat there looking at the food. A lot of people would have screamed, but we didn't want to make a fuss.
"It then ran across the table twice before running down a leg towards the kitchen. It was pretty appalling."
The couple reported the Nottingham branch of Jamie's Italian to hygiene officers and were told there had been "mouse activity" before the visit.
But officers were satisfied staff were doing all they could to prevent an infestation.
TV chef Jamie has campaigned to raise standards in kitchens. His spokesman said mice can "occasionally" be a problem in Nottingham — adding staff always acted "to ensure food hygiene is never compromised".

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