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TV presenter's top torn down on live TV

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vordermanTV gossip show presenter Carol Vorderman had her top torn down by camp Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence.


But the incident, which had viewers of  ITV1's Loose Women roaring with laughter, was all in fun after Spence claimed he only had eyes for former Countdown star Carol.

Vorderman, 50, has built a career out of being a TV brainbox with curves and Spence wasted no time in pulling down her top to get a better look at her famous cleavage.

Vorderman appeared to love the attention and couldn't stop laughing and even played up to the joke by pulling both sides of her top down to emphasise her chest.

Vorderman, who by her own admission was a 'plain' teenager, is a former winner of the annual Rear of the Year prize.

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