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'Michael Jackson doctor stopped CPR so that drugs could be hidden'

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MJ-deceased-warningMICHAEL Jackson's doctor broke off from trying to resuscitate the star to order a bodyguard to hide bottles of drugs, a court heard.


Conrad Murray allegedly told Alberto Alvarez to conceal drug vials and a surgical drip bag containing what appeared to be propofol, an anaesthetic meant only to be used in hospitals.

Murray, 58, has denied a charge of causing Jackson’s death by accidentally administering a fatal dose of the anaesthetic while trying to help the singer combat his chronic insomnia.

Mr Alvarez told Los Angeles Superior Court how he went into Jackson's bedroom on June 25, 2009, to find Murray carrying out CPR.


He said the doctor instructed him to help hide medicines before calling 911.

Mr Alvarez also told how Jackson's terrified daughter Paris screamed out 'Daddy' as she came face to face with her father's dead body.

The 11-year-old cried out in horror as she stood close to his bed with Jackson's lifeless face pointed in her direction, the singer's bodyguard told the court.

Alvarez said: “They were right behind me. Paris screamed ‘Daddy’.

“Dr Murray said, ‘Don’t let them see their Dad like this.’ I turned around to the children and ushered them out and said, ‘Kids, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. Everything will be OK.’ When I turned back I asked Dr Murray what happened. He said, ‘He had a bad reaction’.”


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