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'I used to loathe my body but now I absolutely adore it – and so do the guys' says bodybuilder Jodie Marsh

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Jodie-Marsh-MM-230TOPLESS model turned bodybuilder says men have never lusted after her more since she hit the gym and packed on the rippling muscle.


The 32-year-old shot to fame as a big-boobed, scantily clad party girl whose curves were never far from the pages of the UK tabloids.

But she says despite the glamour-girl looks she was a flop with the guys until she started pumping iron.

She told The Sun: “I have never attracted so much interest from blokes in my life.   “It's been a real eye-opener. For the last two years I went through a complete drought of men.   “No one was chatting me up. I despaired of ever having a boyfriend, or even a date, again.   “But since I became a bodybuilder I've suddenly got about 50 guys interested in me.”

Jodie hit the headlines again this week after competing in a female bodybuilding competition in Sheffield, UK, and picking up a trophy.

Since her pictures hit the internet opinion on her new look has been seriously split.




Many think she has never looked hotter while many others think she looks masculine.

But the muscular maiden, who chows on 15 egg whites a day and multiple protein shakes, said: “I don't give a s*** what they say. I feel sexier than I have for ten years.   “I don't think I look like a man. I'm only 5ft 2in and in normal clothes I just look well toned.   “When I look back at some of the photos of me in my 'heyday' they make me feel physically sick.   “I look flabby, fat and full of cellulite. I used to loathe my body but now I absolutely adore it.”

Jodie had to take a polygraph test before the competition to prove she had not used steroids.

Jodie's battle to get in shape for the contest was filmed for a reality show for satellite channel DMAX UK called Jodie Marsh Bodybuilder, to be aired in January.

Jodie says she would not recommend what she went to while preparing for her contest to anyone else.

The Brentwood beauty said: “At times I felt like I was dying. There were moments when I broke down, crying, feeling I couldn't go on. I got so weak that one day I couldn't even carry my own bag out of the gym.   “But I was determined to do it. I did in eight weeks what it takes a bodybuilder nine months to do.   “I had to strip my body fat from 25 per cent to ten. Judges want to see complete muscle definition. “I wasn't allowed fruit or vegetables and definitely no fats so no dairy. At times I felt so weak I couldn't string a sentence together.”



While 'prepping' for the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships in Sheffield, her boobs dropped from a   32GG to 34C.

But she said: “I've lost all the fat off my bust so the implants I had years ago are now very prominent.”

She placed fifth.







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