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TV show host in trouble for using word 'retarded'

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Eamonn-HolmesVETERAN TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has apologised after using the word 'retarded' to mock a guest presenter.

The daytime show he presents, This Morning, received angry calls just seconds after he made the remark to actor Jonathan Wilkes who had indicated his grasp of British geography was poor.

Minutes later after an advert break 51-year-old Mr Holmes said: “Sorry to three or four of you who have got in touch this morning, because I used the word 'retarded' during the newspaper review.

“You seem to take it personally or seem to say that I'm insulting all sorts of people who have all sorts of conditions.

“But obviously I would never want to do that or cause any sort of offence.

“There's this man who has got an autistic son, who said that somehow I had insulted his child. I really hope it hasn't, because I certainly wouldn't use it in that context. Sorry if that caused you offence.”

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