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'I was bullied for being ugly – now I'm the prettiest I've ever looked' says female bodybuilder Jodie Marsh

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Jodie-Marsh-on-This-MorningGLAMOUR girl turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh says her new pumped-up physique makes her feel  the prettiest she has ever felt.

And, having swapped the soft curves of a soft-porn model for the ripped muscularity of the female iron-pumper she says she feels 'invincible'.

Jodie hit the headlines after stealing the show at a UK natural bodybuilding show in September.

And, despite her many detractors who say she has taken the hardcore look too far, the 32-year-old says her new body is the envy of every woman.


She told the UK's Heat magazine: “'I got bullied at school for being ugly and  that is why I wanted to be a model because  I thought I could prove to the bullies and to myself that I wasn’t ugly. It is not attention seeking.'


“I feel proud when I look in the mirror. I still can’t believe it’s my body. Like, when I look at my abs, I’m just like, f****** hell, I love it so much! I’m the prettiest I’ve ever looked.

“It has totally changed my life, doing this. My self-esteem is higher, my confidence is higher, I feel more secure, feel powerful – I almost feel invincible.”






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