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Today's Sesame Street has been brought to you by the numbers 6 and 9

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sesame-streetHACKERS flooded Sesame Street's YouTube channel with hardcore porn.

 Fans of the children's show hoping to see Big Bird, Kermit and Bert and Ernie were confronted with graphic sex scenes.

The hackers also changed the Sesame Street channel profile to read: "Who doesn't like porn, kids?

"Everyone loves it! I'm Mredxwx and my partner Mrsuicider91 are here to bring you many nice content! Please don't let Sesame Street get ths account back kids."

The offensive content was available for about 20 minutes on Sunday night before the channel was suspended for "repeated or severe violations of Community Guidelines".

A user called Mredxwx denied involvement in the attack on the Sesame Street page, which has more than 140,000 subscribers.

 Its videos have been watched almost half a billion times.

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