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Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek can't understand why she's compared to Lara Croft (yeah, we're a bit baffled too...)

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charlotteTV presenter Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek says her portrayal as a 'biology babe' means it's tough to be taken seriously.

The 43-year-old, who has a PhD in zoology, has been dubbed the 'Tarzan babe' and the 'Lara Croft' of wildlife presenting. Some more unkind critics have suggested she is less Tarzan and more Plain Jane.

But perhaps the bar is low because Uhlenbroek, who has spent years studying chimps, said women in academia have to look like a frump to be thought of as intelligent.

She said she could never understand why she was compared to Tomb Raider babe Lara Croft but told the Radio Times: “I'm not particularly bothered by what I look like, but I suppose it doesn't harm.

“That said, it can work the other way round, in that it's hard to be taken seriously in academic circles.

“There's this idea that you can't be intelligent unless you look like a frump.”

Uhlenbroek, who grew up in Ghana and Nepal, stars in a new series The Adventurer's Guide to Britain on ITV1.

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