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Paparazzi banned from street where Hugh Grant's lover and kid live

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Hugh-GrantHUGH Grant's Chinese lover and child have been granted an injunction banning paparazzi photographers from her street because they were making her life "unbearable".

Mr Justice Tugendhat granted the injunction to Chinese actress Tinglan Hong forbiding photographs being taken outside their home or in the street.

The judge said Ms Hong had said she could not leave her home without being followed and there was a constant paparazzi presence.

He said Ms Hong "states that since the birth of her child her life has become unbearable".

The identity of the photographers are unknown so the court order was issued against XYZ and others as the "person or persons responsible for taking photographs of the claimants outside their home and in the street during November 2011".

Mr Justice Tugendhat said “While Hugh Grant is very well known, the first claimant [Ms Hong] has never sought any publicity or been known to the public for any reason.

“She and Hugh Grant did their best to keep private the fact that the second claimant was their child and do not know how the information reached the public domain.”

The News of the World published a front page article on April 8 headlinedHugh's Secret Girl.

Hugh Grant is one of thousands of people whose phones are believed to have been hacked by the now-closed newspaper. He had joined the Hacked Off campaign which called for a public inquiry into the scandal.

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