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Davina McCall shows off 'sportporn' six-pack abs (and sparks backlash!)

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Davina-230DAVINA McCall Tweeted a pic of her newly-honed six pack today – but it seemed to immediately spark an online backlash claiming the presenter looked like a man.

The 44-year-old mum-of-three posted the photo during her morning workout with personal trainer Jackie Wren, writing 'Morning campers!! Here's some sport porn for you! Just been annihilated by @jackiewren.'

Baring her midriff in a skimpy lycra top McCall even flexed her biceps in a mock bodybuilder pose.

But the pic led to a flood of online comments accusing her of looking manly and under-nourished.

Comments to the Daily Mail website, now the world's biggest news site, included:

Women who look like blokes and sound worse than blokes are such a turn-off. What happened to women with class?

About to throw up my breakfast.

Oink. Can this worthless idiot EVER shut her big mouth?

That is not a good look Davina, feeling ill.

But not all were so harsh. One fan said: Some of you are missing the point, she is showing off her fitness in a light hearted way, not how 'young and sexy' she considers her to stomach or anything else to be. Give her a break, not everything is about looking young or looking sexy. There are other things women can excel at.

Earlier this month, Davina made a guest appearance on The Biggest Loser, joining the contestants for a workout.


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