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Could public opinion be coming around to embracing women bodybuilders? (Rene Campbell reaction in The Sun suggests yes)

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Rene-Campbell-230FEMALE bodybuilder Rene Campbell hit the headlines this week with a full page article displaying her rippling physique in UK's biggest newspaper the Sun.

The article was headlined 'Mum of two is a ‘bigorexic’- Bodybuild star Rene battling to get bulkier' and was written in a sensational tabloid style designed to provoke polarised reactions. However it was not wholly negative.

And a snap wownews poll of reader reactions shows that far from being turned off by Rene Campbell's massively muscular frame most people actually admired her body and many found it incredibly sexy.

An analysis of the first 150 comments left on the story show that just over 40% loved Rene's physique, 26% were on the fence, and only 33% were actively turned off by her hardcore female bodybuilder look.

Historically female bodybuilders in the mainstream media have often been treated as freaks or women with problems. But with so many more women now pumping iron the muscled look is becoming more acceptable – even the extremely muscled look.

Rene massivley out-muscling the competition onstage


The article read:

MUSCLY mum Rene Campbell is Britain's bulkiest female bodybuilder — and is obsessed with getting even BIGGER.

The divorcee, 35, has size 18 shoulders, a size 12 waist and admits to being a "bigorexic".

The UK Bodybuilding physique female champ took up the sport four years ago and aims to be world champion.

She vowed: "I won't stop until I'm bigger.

"I look at 20-stone guys in the gym and think I want to be that big. I love the muscular aesthetic — looking like a Greek God. It's a form of art."

Once a petite 8½stone and a size eight, she is now 13½ stone of pure muscle — spending two hours in the gym five days a week.

Rene Cambell flexes her abs


But the comments included:

A woman in her 20s called sc-crunk who wrote: “im a huge fan of the weights, i have my own gym at home...i wouldn't go as far as that, personally for me i wouldn't suit, but i am partial to a bit muscle

“Defiantly credit to her.think the string of female body builders has started to grow again.”

Peter Robinson who wrote: “ that is one beautiful woman......just great.”

And Happybunny who said: “Well done to her, must be so difficult to do such a thing and she has amazing legs.”

On the negative side comments included: 

“Totally disgusting look, men or woman with this look give me the heebie geebies, not natural at all!” Debbie69

“Looks like a bloke from the back with a swimsuit and high heels.” oneadem

Boom! Rene Cambell's gun show


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