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F-words and Ferraris – why Top Gear Boys Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May face backlash

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top-gear-230TOP gear viewers are &%£”*ing fuming over presenters  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who's 'family' show increasingly includes abusive language.

BBC bosses have promised to curb cursing in its programmes especially before the watershed – Top Gear goes out at 8pm on Sundays

But Sunday night’s programme featured the word f*** was used seven times in five minutes (bleeped out), while the word s*** was bleeped so badly it was clear what was being said.

In a segment about Hammond and Clarkson supposedly making a film a director used the word b******s and the word t***** was sprayed across a car.

Viewers used Twitter to question why such language was necessary.

One said: “Clarkson is about 100 years old so maybe bad language is okay for him – but it's not for my kids.”

Another added: “They really are to**ers. This is the BBC not some public school common room full of oily oiks and cretins.”

And another: “Come on BBC! Why so much swearing in a family show?”

Another said: “Younger viewers may be watching so either screen it after 9pm or cut out the swearing.”

The BBC declined to comment.

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