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Excruciating Tori Amos TV ad for Kelloggs Just Right breakfast cereal unearthed (so she wasn't a Cornflake Girl then!)

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TTori-AmosORTURED artist and mega-selling piano-tinkling pop-star Tori Amos fronted an appallingly awful ad for Kelloggs Just Right cereal when she was struggling to make it.

IN 1987 she was paid $12,000 to play a smiling, wholesome all-American girl to represent the breakfast cereal's clean-cut healthy image.

She had just moved to Los Angeles and, artistic integrity notwithstanding, was happy to take the Kelloggs dollar.

She even elbowed-out Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker to clinch the role.

Tori Amos said: “They almost gave it to her. She was down for it and I was down for it, and the director chose me because I could really play the piano. She looked like she was faking it — well, she was faking it. But she’s a good actress, so you know, she almost faked it better than I did it for real.”

Amos, 48, went on to sell more than 20 million albums.

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