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Essential Tips for Good Wooden Garage Maintenance

When it comes to wooden buildings whether they be a log cabin or a wooden garage, there are specific tips and techniques to care for their maintenance to preserve them. You will want your wooden structure to be completely functional for at least 20 years but under normal circumstances, a building made of wood can last around 40-100 years.

Timber Framed Garage Erection
Timber Framed Garage Erection. Image credit: YouTube

Use Treatment

It is very important that a log cabin, timber framed garage or any other type of wooden building should be treated regularly to prevent such things as rotting, moulding and discolouration. Using treatment can also protect the timber from sunlight which can cause wood to dry and split. Another necessary treatment is to prevent insects to stop damage from happening. It is best to apply the correct treatment to a wooden garage or building right after it has been installed. It is also a good idea to apply an extra layer for areas that will become wet more often. You will want to apply the formula on completely dry timber. It is essential to apply a coating of treatment once a year for any wooden structure to ensure longevity.

About Natural Deformations

Timber that is natural will expand when affected by moisture and is known to shrink when the temperature is high. If this happens it can result in temporary structure problems. You may experience minor gaps between wall timbers which can cause rain leakage. Deformations are known to happen in extreme weather and the structure will typically revert back to its original appearance and condition. If you face this problem it is best to wait and it does not impact the actual quality or workmanship of your wooden building.

Protection From Mould

Things such as moisture, warm temperatures, and bad air ventilation are known to be a cause of mould. It is very important to have excellent air ventilation so that you may retain a lower humidity level. Sometimes using different options like using an indoor heater may work or needing to ventilate may be another option. If you do encounter mould and forget about ventilation you do not need to worry because there are solutions for mould extermination which you can find typically at any hardware or home building store.

The Importance of a Level Base

You will also need to be sure that you have a perfectly even base for your flooring. If you use patio slabs, a wooden base, a concrete base or adjustable pedestals they will have to be even. If you do not have a solid foundation your building can end up twisted. An uneven base can also cause water to collect which will bring higher humidity and can cause mould. It is important to only install a wooden structure on a solid base that is dry with no moisture.

Other Longevity Tips

When the cabin has been built you will find that horizontal spaces in between doors and windows have gaps but this will be filled over time as the wood expands. Don’t fill the gap with wood filler, foams or any other type of materials. Another thing that is known to happen to wooden structures is splits. Splits appear quickly based on moisture to humidity. Splits and cracks are a natural occurrence and should not be worried about. To prevent splits you can use high-quality wood treatments to help preserve the wood. You can also fill wood splits with fillers you can find at hardware stores.