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Lookout Cyclops! Sony HMZ-T1 3D viewer goes on sale

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cyclopsA WRAPAROUND 3D TV and games headset, which gives the wearer a distinct X-Men look, has gone on sale, confounding industry critics.

Sony's revolutionary HMZ-T1 3D viewer - a headset with built-in OLED 3D screens – was showcased in January this year, but critics said it was just the Japanese showing off a prototype which would never hit the shelves.

But in London today, at upmarket store Harrods, gamers got the chance to actually buy one.

And those willing to adopt a Cyclops look of the HMD (Head Mounted Display) get the effect of a huge high-contrast OLED screen which is actually provided by sitting two small OLED screens directly in front of their  eyes.

The two panels are completely separate, so it's the first home 3D TV set that is free of 'crosstalk' - when the two 3D images interfere with one another.

Crosstalk is responsible for many people's negative experiences of 3D TV, including flickering and headaches caused by the screens.

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