Modern Glossy Kitchen

How new hardware & countertops can make your kitchen look expensive

Add value to your kitchen with these simple upgrades

With there being tighter restrictions on the mortgage industry and home sales dipping lower than usual, home owners are finding it difficult to sell their properties and upgrade to a bigger unit. Because this is happening more homeowners are deciding to renovate specific rooms to make their current homes more livable and add resale value. The best and easiest way to value to your home while adding the look and feel of something new and promising is to upgrade your kitchen.

Before we look at switching your kitchen cabinets it is of vital importance to come up with a budget and blueprint of what you want your new kitchen to look like. When it comes to making your kitchen look more expensive, kitchen cabinets will be a corner stone of your budget. Because cabinets are the main focus of your kitchen, there are other dynamics that come into play with the kitchen design that directly relates to the style and color of kitchen cabinets you choose.

Beautiful Kitchen Taps Can Make a Kitchen Look Incredible. Image credit: Decoist

There will be different key things that directly relate to the cost of new cabinets. Those things being, are the brand, construction materials, and features. It is very important to look into the different available options when it comes to picking the best cabinets. Remember that the highest price tag doesn’t always mean you are getting the best cabinets that will match your new remodeled look.

If you choose to live in your house for many more years ahead, do not skimp out on buying cheap or flimsy cabinets. They will constantly be under the stress and wear and tear of being used. Only the strongest kitchen cabinets will survive which is why you want to pick the highest quality that adds beauty to your home making your kitchen look all that much more expensive.

Another great method for sprucing up your kitchen design is to update your sinks and taps. We recommend you purchase a durable brand of tap that is appealing and will add to the beauty of your kitchen. A great idea is to get a regular faucet as well as an additional spray faucet which is helpful for cleaning vegetables while cooking. A new sink and faucets will add value to your home and will give it a more modern and updated appearance in terms of style. One thing we also recommend is updating your lighting in your kitchen so you can have more visible areas covered with the right amount of light so no area is left in shade. Just changing your lighting can improve kitchen a lot and it is very noticeable. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either to enhance your cooking area with new lighting features.

A main and focal feature of a kitchen is countertops as they are a strong aspect of making your kitchen look expensive. They improve the look and feel of your kitchen just as much as a great set of cabinets do. When you are in the process of planning out a new kitchen you will have to determine which countertop will work best for your home to help improve the appearance of your kitchen looking more expensive and unique.

A Fitted Worktop Overlay Looks Just as Good as Granite. Image credit: Wardloghome

You will be happy to hear that changing kitchen countertops are not a burdensome project. Worktops can be easily upgraded with overlays instead of complete replacement. There are also all types of countertops that you can upgrade with that harness different types of material such as laminates and ceramic tiles all the way to granite and concrete. Not only that but there are plenty of different colors, patterns, and textures that will improve the over all appearance of your kitchen and add to the over all value of your home.

On the more expensive side of things, granite kitchen countertops have become much more incredibly popular. They add class and regal looks to any kitchen you add them too. You can pick from different styles and colors that match your kitchen cabinets to add to a beautiful appearance of your cooking area.

When it comes to really confident and stylish kitchen countertops, marble is probably the most expensive but it is the most elegant of all counter tops. Besides the prices, the only negative experience is that it stains easily and needs to be resealed and treated often. Other than that though it looks amazing and really adds to the value of your home and gives your kitchen an expensive look.

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular out of all the different styles of home renovations. It is a very fruitful project adding to your home and making it more functional and usable. You want to convert an outdated older looking kitchen to something fresh that can become the center piece of your home. It all depends on your lifestyle and budget. You can typically recoup 90-100% of the costs associated with upgrading your kitchen when you resell your home which makes remodeling a great idea. Most kitchen makeover specialists will tell you that the return on investment is usually very good.

When home buyers are viewing a prospective property to purchase one of the greatest buying factors is the look and usability of the kitchen. It is the hallmark of the home and upgrading your cooking area to being something positive, open and inviting with new cabinets, shelving units and countertops will improve the over all value of your home and will increase your own personal comfort.