Flattened Cardboard Packing Boxes

How To Get Packing Material For Moving To A New House

Irrespective of whether you are getting good vibes thinking about moving to a new place or having bad ones as the old house has so many memories, the in-between process of packing your stuff, moving it and then finally unpacking it again is indeed a stressful job.

Just thinking about the whole course of moving starts giving you anxiety days before.

But by simply managing and taking care of things beforehand can really streamline an otherwise convoluted process or hiring removal firms like Bradford removals can sort you everything out.

One of such simple-looking, yet complicated, thing is getting adequate packing supplies to pack all your stuff in.

Before we go on to explain about the places where you should be able to find your packing supplies, first let us pen down the type of material you’ll be needing and the particular purpose they are going to serve.

And then finally we’ll let you know where you can find these supplies to get the job done in moving your stuff from Point A to Point B.

You may be only moving a few yards down the street, or you may be moving thousands of miles across foreign waters.

But the needs are the same when it comes to safely packing your prized possessions.

So whether you’re moving to the United States from the UK, or simply from Brighton to Bournemouth, read on to find out how to get the right packing materials for your big moving day.

Cardboard Boxes

A universal symbol of relocating, whether from a job or a house, is a cardboard box.

It is certainly obvious that if you are moving your things from one house to another, you’d be needing tons of more cardboard boxes than required for simply clearing your desk at the old job.

For the purpose of moving to a new house, you’d be needing multiple size boxes which are used for different purposes.

For instance, boxes which you’ll be using to move your books are going to be fairly small compared to the ones you’ll want to put your clothes or kitchen utensils in.

Therefore, make a mind map of all your possessions and plan to arrange the boxes of particular size accordingly.

Where to Find Cardboard Boxes

With the ease of e-commerce and an exponential increase in the demand of cardboard boxes, it has become fairly easy to buy these boxes in bulk.

There are several companies just a click away from you ready to deliver these boxes for you.

But wait a minute, there is a simple and free way to get your hands on as many boxes as you need.

All of us have stores around us which get their consignments delivered, in most cases, via the same cardboard boxes we need.

Due to continuous arrival of new shipments, these stores are almost always in surplus possession of these cardboard boxes even if they need it for a secondary reason.

So all it takes for you is to politely ask your nearest grocery store owner and you’d have your hands on the cardboard boxes for free.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes can serve multi-purposes as they can not only store your stuff but due to see-through nature of these boxes, they also help you distinguish the items they possess.

There are certain plastic boxes which have built-in compartments.

These compartments can be used for several purposes including keeping your jewellery and other delicate items safe.

Also wires and small screws or hinges of disassembled furniture can be placed in these boxes to save the trouble when you finally reach the new house.

Where to Find the Plastic Boxes

Just like the cardboard boxes, plastic ones are also readily available in the market and online shopping websites.

These are also customised to cater to the different types of items to be packed and moved.

Unfortunately, like the cardboard boxes, it is hard to find these in bulk for free.

But you can certainly try your luck at the pharmacies or grocery stores.

Close Up Bubblewrap

Bubble Wrap

It is no doubt a simple yet very helpful piece of plastic which you can use to protect the fragile items, mostly utensils, made of glass and ceramic.

Bubble wrap is specifically designed to protect such items and even electronics when being transported by your Essex removals company, as they are becoming fairly sensitive these days, to withstand the stress of moving around.

Where to Find Bubble Wrap

It is much easier to buy bubble wrap these days due to its extensive application in the shipment of goods ordered online.

You should be able to find the bubble wrap rolls in the mega stores near you.


Even if you seldom bother about the newspaper being delivered on time in the morning, you’ll surely be needing a good supply of old newspaper.

They are extremely helpful to cover the small items to protect them from dust to fill in the spaces between the fragile ones packed together.

Where to Find Newspapers

If you have a daily subscription of your favourite newspaper than chances are that over the course of years you have spent at the your-soon-to-be-left place, you would have piles of printed paper to bring it to proper use.

However, in case you are not into current affairs with such zeal, your neighbours and relatives can help you out in this case.

They’ll be able to get rid of the pile of newspaper occupying a fair space and you can get your stuff covered from external pollutants, fair deal.

Cellotape & Markers

Small but significant.

Cellotape is quite helpful in keeping your things intact to the place where they should remain during relocation and marker helps you clearly mark the items to the particular category they belong to.

Of course, you do not need these two items in a large quantity hence they are comparatively easier to get.

Where to Find Cellotape & Markers

You will be able to find these things easily from your nearest book shop or even from a general store.

Getting all the necessary supplies is the first step toward the daunting task of packing and moving your things.

Take some time to think of the quantity in which you will be needing all these packing supplies and accumulate the requisite quantity beforehand so that once you get in the flow of packing, there is no stopping to it.