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How to Soundproof a Party Wall from Noisy Neighbours

Living your life in an apartment has advantages as well as some disadvantages such as unpleasant noise getting on your nerves.

The first solution is that you let them know and make them realize the way their noise of music, TV, or door is getting on your nerves and the way it has made your life hell for you.

If you have already given talks a try with no outcome, and all the efforts have blown up in your face, then you are left with the only option of soundproofing your party wall.

In order to soundproof the party wall, you can make use of different ways, but in this blog post, we are just going to cover relatively easy and cheap solutions so that you can easily accomplish them as a DIY project without help from a professional expert.

Adjust & Place As Much Stuff in the Room as Possible

Adjusting and bringing more stuff in the party-wall-room might be a bit incomprehensible to some people but it is a fact that you can adequately reduce the unwanted noise pollution by rearranging your furniture.

This step will cost you nothing and is as easy as falling off a log!

Try replacing the positing of your furniture, put your bookshelves against the party wall and fill the shelves with all your books, and hang things on that wall.

It is advisable to keep more and more stuff in the room; this is because the emptier the room is, the more the echo will reverberate.

Hang or Stick Various Items to the Party Wall

Anything that can give the party wall a mass and you can hang or stick it to the wall can be really helpful in your DIY soundproof project.

Hang or stick as many things as you can – such as thick wallpapers, heavy frame paintings, and decorative quilts can be quite helpful.

It is not only one of the cheapest ways to soundproofing but it is also interesting because you can make use of things of your choice and passion.

Of course, you can always opt to speak to a soundproofing supplier if you feel these types of materials will produce an inferior result.

Use Acoustic Foam Panels

If the above suggestions are not applicable for any reason, then you have to get ready for spending some pounds on acoustic foam panels.

Acoustic foam panels have the potential to prevent the sound from passing across it.

This is why musicians and singers rely on these foam panels for their professional music studios.

Acoustic foam panels offer better value for the price, and you do not need to hire a professional expert to install them, you can easily install them on your own.

These panels are available in a variety of stunning colours, and thus, they will not only help you with your soundproof objective but they will also add great beauty and elegance to your room.

You can buy these acoustic foam panels from the nearby local market or you can buy them online, too.

Fit Acoustic or Soundproof Curtains

The use of acoustic or soundproof curtains is a good idea as well.

One of the best benefits of using them is that you can hang them anywhere whether it is a wall of any room, in simpler words, these curtains are portable.

Normally, acoustic curtains are hung over windows and doors, but you can also hang them onto a windowless party wall for soundproof purposes, and they will not disappoint you.

It is important to mention that you will have to install a curtain rod as well, so before you rely on this option, you need to make sure that you are okay with the rod installation.

If you dislike fixing a rod on the wall, you can overlook this soundproof option.

Acoustic or soundproof curtains are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and other features, but you can buy depending on your personal choice and ability to pay.

Use Heavy Duty Movable Acoustic Blankets

Heavy-duty movable acoustic blankets are enriched with soundproof power.

People use them to increase or maintain the life of their furniture but you can set them on the party wall to obtain soundproof objectives for your DIY soundproof project.

When talking about the normal use of heavy-duty movable acoustic blankets for soundproofing a room, they are mostly hung or fixed over windows and doors but you can gain a positive outcome from them to soundproof the shared or party wall.

Like acoustic curtains, you can take them down and hang them again or whenever you need to do so.

Seal Existing Holes & Gaps in the Party Wall

It doesn’t matter what soundproof method you opt for or against, it is very important to make sure that your party wall is free from all obvious and subtle holes & cracks allowing the sound or noise to escape through.

You are not supposed to overlook even tiny holes and cracks because these fine holes & cracks together may invite overall noise pollution to get into your room.

A random material for sealing wall-holes in the market can be easily available but experts mostly recommend acoustic caulk because it lasts for a long period, doesn’t break over time, & keeps up flexibility.


Soundproofing the party wall is very important so that the outside noise pollution must not intervene in your rest and other activities and the same is the benefit that your neighbour will enjoy, too.

Soundproofing is not only essential for you but it is equally beneficial to your neighbor whether talking about reading something, talking to your family about some important or general matter, learning a recipe from YouTube, or children are doing their school work or reading curriculum books.

The studies reveal that the way environmental pollution is injurious to your respiratory system, the same way noise pollution is shockingly harmful to your nervous system.

All the above-disclosed party wall soundproofing fixes are easy, simple, tried, and of course, DIY (do-it-yourself), and they are as easy as your everyday household chores.

Once you have soundproofed your house, room, or music studio, you have made your home life pleasant, peaceful, successful, and finally, you are now living an overall uninterrupted home life.