How to watch British TV overseas

There are many ways to watch TV outside the UK and one of the easiest ways is through VPN services. There are many companies around the world offering fully fledged VPN services for live TV streaming of UK programmes. All you need is sign up for a VPN service and start streaming your favorite TV shows outside the UK. When you sign up for VPN streaming you have some very good options to choose from, that include BBC iPlayer, IPTB and Sky Go. All of these are trusted VPN networks offering video streaming of UK programmes outside the UK.

Sign up according to your budget. Their minimum monthly subscription fees vary and there are different packages to choose from too. Most of these services also provide a good discount on their services. You may also get an additional one month for free when you sign up for a VPN service. Apart from this, they also provide a host of free trial packages, where you can register for their free packages which are for either 15 days or one month.

How do these VPN services work?

All the VPN providers give a virtual IP address from the UK to all the clients that sign up for their services. Once a client has signed up they will encrypt the present client location and then route from any other location in the UK, and in this way client’s actual IP address will not be traced. Whenever you try to watch British TV overseas from different countries, most of the time you will not be able to watch them since the UK based broadcasters will have blocked all the IP addresses from the other countries, except the UK. All the clients are re-connected to the UK based servers and it doesn’t matter from where they are accessing the TV content.

Nowadays, you may sign up for a permanent long term service. Till now every client has to sign in every time from different locations. They get a different IP and then they are connected with another server. From now onwards, a client has the option to get a place permanently in the dedicated server and get a customized IP. That means in order to avail of this service they don’t need to wait until they get the confirmation from the host network. Also, now they will be able to watch all UK TV programmes even on their mobile phones and tablets.


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