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Beautiful Russian girls get naked to show support for Vladimir Putin in bizarre online campaign

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russian-stripperA BIZARRE online campaign launched in Russia urging young women to support Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a presidential vote by stripping online, claimed victory today.


A leading Russian lawmaker's website spearheaded the campaign with a video called 'Putin's Army'.

It features a stunning model called Diana who struts confidently along Moscow's streets in high heels and a cleavage-exposing black business suit before she meets two pretty friends in a waterside setting.

She then changes into a white T-shirt displaying the words 'I will tear my clothes off for Putin' in red lipstick.

Then she flashes her breasts at the camera and starts to rip off the shirt.

Putin won the presidential election with almost 64% of the vote.

But thousands of Russians are gathering for an anti Putin rally in Pushkin square, in Moscow, to challenge Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential election.

Reports suggest an unprecedented presence of security forces, ahead of what is expected to be the biggest protest in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

With nearly all votes counted, Putin had just under 64% of the vote. But he won under 50% of the vote in Moscow, where the opposition movement is strongest.

International observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe said there were "serious problems" with the election, which meant that the result was "never in doubt". Independent Russian election monitors said there were widespread violations including ballot stuffing and "carousel voting" - packing vans with voters and bussing them to several polling sites to cast numerous votes.

The controversial head of Russia's Central Election Commission, Vladimir Churov, accused the international observers of being spies. He also said the election was the world's most honest.


As for the strippers - it is unclear who orchestrated the campaign which was posted on the blog of parliamentarian Kirill Shchitov, from Putin's ruling United Russia party.

"The goal: For Putin to be president!" said a statement on its page on social networking site, Russia's answer to Facebook.

Putin's Army! by agg44

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