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Spectacular parenting fails: Baby with the lioness, the AK47 kindergarten kids, and toddler pole dancing

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Bad-parent-230MOM, it is often acknowledged, knows best.

And if that means throwing junior in with the lions to give him a better view, or duct-taping your kid to the wall to keep him out of mischief, then so be it.

Or how about broadening youngster's mind with a trip to a pole dancing club or getting an early grasp of the fourth amendment by having her pose with an Uzi?

These are just a few of the fabulous parenting fails we've scooped up from around the web. One or two look a little Photoshoppy?

Yeah we know, but it's in the 'laugh' section right – not the 'arrest this woman immediately and throw away the key' section.

Enjoy y'all.


Mmmmmm Duff Beeeeeeer



Duck duct taped



The family that sprays together stays together


Mommy, when I said I wanted a kitten...




Mommy, when I said I wanted to be a dancer...


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