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Chinese invent new Pervert Deterrent - HAIRY STOCKINGS

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Hairy-StockingsHairy stockings designed to make women's legs look unshaven and ugly have become the must have pervert deterrent for every woman's handbag.

Woman accidentally seals butt-hole shut, while trying hair removal on the cheap

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bikini-lineLASER hair removal may not be cheap but maybe after reading this the more discerning lady (or at least the ones with a healthy self-preservation gene!) might think laser hair removal to be the only sensible option.

Middle aged man dies Gangnam Style – dance blamed for death

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PsyDADS have been warned to stay away from drunken Gangam Style dancing after a father-of-three died in front of his wife when he finished performing a Gangnam Style dance.

'New Facebook feature will show all the porn sites you have visited'

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porn-watchingTECHNOLOGY experts are warning a new Facebook feature will display the porn sites you have visited - for all your friends to see.

Sharia law orders acid attacker to be blinded by acid

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acid-attack-womanA DOCTOR in Iran was seconds away from dripping corrosive acid into a spurned lover's eyes, as was his punishment under SHARIA LAW.

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