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'Sir Alex Ferguson wrote to Paul Gascoigne to call him a fat bastard'

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 Alex-FergusonSIR Alex Ferguson wrote to PAUL GASCOIGNE to call him a 'fat bastard', the troubled soccer star has been telling punters at his new stage show.


Former England and Newcastle star Gascoigne is currently touring a one-man show around the UK.


He told 1000-strong audience how SIR ALEX FERGUSON was furious that the Geordie decided not to sign for Manchester Utd and wrote in no uncertain terms... calling him a 'fat bastard'.


Gascoigne, lovingly known as Gazza, has used the show to detail his long fight with alcohol.


He was joined onstage in Bournemouth by fellow soccer boozer Jimmy Greaves, 71.


Gazza said he realised he was an alcoholic after Eric Clapton quizzed him when he was 28.


He told the crowd: “I knew I was f***** then.”

Reptile woman commits suicide by snake

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black-mamba-suicideA WOMAN who kept 75 snakes in her New York apartment is feared to have committed suicide by snake.

Recession-hit lap dancers use hypnosis to get punters to part with cash

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lap-dancer-hypnotises-menLAP dancers are being trained in hypnosis to persuade spellbound men to spend more more  money on their sexy shows.

Jewish court sentences dog to be stoned to death

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dog-in-jerusalemA JEWISH court has sentenced a dog to be stoned to death because the animal is suspected of being  the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted the judges two decades ago.

CLARENCE CLEMONS, the legendary saxophonist for BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S E Street Band, has died

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Clarence-Clemons-diesCLARENCE CLEMONS, the legendary saxophone player in BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S  E Street Band, has died at the age of 69.

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