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New study shows how to tell a man's penis size by looking at his hands

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HandMEN whose index fingers and ring fingers are most similar in length have the biggest penises, according to new research.

Dyeing dogs to look like wild animals is new trend in Taiwan

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dog-like-tigerTAIWANESE high society types have sparked a bizarre new pet trend – dyeing their dogs to look like wild animals.

Churchgoer rips out eyeballs with bare hands during mass

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santAndreaA CHURCHGOER stood up during mass and ripped out his eyeballs, before collapsing in a pool of blood.

Horrific animal abuse pictures released by anti dog fight campaigners - animals skinned alive, buried alive and axed in the head.

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dog-in-machette-attack-230ANTI dog fight campaigners have released this series of harrowing pictures of abused animals in the hope of highlighting their plight.

Faeces-covered pervert hid in toilet cesspit at yoga camp to watch women defecate

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A PERVERT who hid inside the tank of atoilet portable toilet to watch women defecate was today being hunted by police.

He was rumbled after a woman at the yoga camp, where the temporary toilet was in use, spotted something moving inside the tank when she lifted the lid.

The shocked woman asked a man nearby to check. He later told police he also saw someone inside, covered with a tarpaulin.

The door was then locked from the inside but the suspect came out a few minutes later — covered in excrement.

Security guards at the camp in Boulder, Colorado tried to grab him, but he escaped.

He was described as very tall, white and in his 20s, with thin build and short dark hair. He was wearing grey jogging bottoms but no shirt or shoes.

Eyewitnesses said he also had several cuts on his back and legs, and wore leather bracelets on each wrist.

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