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Writing experts at help out

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Here at we occasionally have to call in the experts.

WikiLeaks paywall sparks furious backlash from followers who feel betrayed

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wikileaksWIKILEAKS has sparked a furious backlash after moving millions of documents behind a psuedo paywall.

Winner of 'speed dumpling eating' contest drops dead

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dumplingsTHE winner of a 'speed dumpling eating' contest dropped dead after downing 10 dumplings in 30 seconds.

Shock vid: Man with half a head explains how he crashed while whacked on marijuana (but he still smokes)

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halfheadCARLOS 'Halfy' Rodriguez has posed his bizarre cranial injury on YouTube as a warning to kids not to do drugs.

Boozing pregnant mums give birth to brain damaged and disfigured babies, says new report

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alcomumPREGNANT mums who refuse to quit the booze are giving birth to brain-damaged babies who develop learning and social disorders.

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