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Joanne Fraill jailed for using Facebook

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BREAKING-NEWSFACEBOOK user JOANNE FRAILL has been jailed  for using Facebook to chat with a defendant in a drug trial while she was serving on the jury.


The mother-of-three was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Fraill, 40, messaged Jamie Sewart, 34, who had been acquitted in the trial.

But proceedings were still ongoing as other people were being tried in a Manchester court. The £6 million drugs trial had to be scrapped when Fraill mentioned the chat to her solicitor.

Friall admitted contempt of court.

Her Facebook messages read:  “Can't believe they had u on remand.” and “pleeeeeese dont say anyhting cause jamie they could call mmiss trial and i will get 4cked to0.”

Stewart's boyfriend Gary Knox, 35, is serving a six-year sentence for conspiracy.

He had lodged an appeal in light of the Facebook contempt charge.

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