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Amityville horror as doting daughter finds junk and half-melted crucifix in her dead father's ashes

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crucifixA HALF-melted crucifix was among bizarre pieces of junk which fell out when a grieving daughter attempted to spread her beloved father's ashes.


Jennie Spooner was carrying out her father Harry's dying wish – that after his cremation his mortal remains would be scattered at his favourite spots across New York and Long Island.

But, as Ms Spooner carried out his request, random pieces of junk fell from the urn.

Mixed in with Mr Spooner's ashes were ballpoint-pen springs, glass shards, metal staples and the macabre half-melted crucifix.

New Yorker Ms Spooner said: “It was definitely surreal.

“There was no explanation. My thought was, 'Is this my dad? If this stuff isn't him - then who is it?

“My heart was pounding. I said, 'What the heck is that? A spring?'

“It flipped me out. I called the funeral home and told them, 'I just found springs in my dad's ashes.'”

A spokesman for the Joseph Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home in Amityville, said it was probable that junk from previous cremations had probably found its way into the ashes and that was the responsibility of the crematorium.

The New York Division of Cemeteries is now investigating.

Mr Spooner, a commercial artist, died last October at the age of 79 from pneumonia and an infection.

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