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Seige gunman surrounded by SWAT teams tells Facebook friends he has 'a cute hostage' and posts pics

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A GUNMAN holding a woman hostage while surrounded by armeJason-Valdezd SWAT teams in a tense stand-off found time to post messages on his Facebook page.


Jason Valdez posted photos, swapped comments and added friends in the 16-hour seige while holding a woman named ' Veronica' hostage.

He even messgaged Facebook friends that she was 'a cute hostage'.

The stand-off only ended when SWAT team officers stormed the motel room and Valdez shot himself in the chest. He was today in a critical condition in a hospital in Ogden, Utah.

The 36-year-old told his Facebook friends: “I'm currently in a stand-off ... kinda ugly, but ready for whatever.I love u guyz and if I don't make it out of here alive that I'm in a better place and u were all great friends.”

And he later added: “Well i was lettin this girl go but these dumb bastards made an attempt to come in after i told them not to, so i popped off a couple more shots and now were startin all over again it seems ...”

One Facebook friend even warned him of an armed officer hiding in buses near to the  Western Colony Inn. Valdez replied: “Thank you homie. Good looking out.”

Lieutenant Danielle Croyle said the authorities were discussing whether some of Valdez' Facebook friends could be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

She said: “We're not sure yet how to deal with it. We're talking about it and trying to figure out how do we address the kind of conflict that it presents.”

Court records show Valdez has a criminal history, including convictions for aggravated assault and domestic violence in front of a child.

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