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Apocalypse not now. End-is-nigh prophet fined for getting the date wrong

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A SELF-proclaimed prophet who warned a massive ear2012-movie-posterthquake and tsunami would rip through the island of Taiwan leaving tens of thousands dead has been fined by a court.


Wang Chao-hung, better known as "Teacher Wang", was ordered to pay almost £900 ($1380).

He sparked panic and urged people to leave their homes for makeshift shelters made from converted cargo containers.

However the date – May 11 – came and went with no sign of the predicted apocalypse.

Prosecutors are investigating claims that he might have cooperated with container businesses to set up a shelter village in Nantou.

But yesterday a court in Nantou officially convicted him of 'spreading socially disruptive rumours' and slapped him with a fine.

Wang claimed that his remarks had been misinterpreted by journalists.

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