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See the bar bill for the most expensive bottle of party champagne in history

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Tdon-johnson-bar-billHIS is the bar bill for the priciest bottle of champagne in history – paid for by pro gambler  Don Johnson who doesn't even like the drink!


Mr Johnson, who has pocketed £9 million ($14.4 million) in winnings at the blackjack table, splashed out £120,000 ($192,000) on a Midas bottle of Armand De Brignac bubbly.

A Midas weighs 100lbs and is equivalent to 40 standard bottles.

Earlier in the evening at London's One For One club, in Park Lane, he had bought a smaller bottle costing £25,000 ($40,000).

But you know how parties are...

The entire bill came to an eye-watering £168,118 ($270,000).

Still, at least he saved on the soda water – that was free!

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