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International Space Station evacuated as space junk heads towards it at 17,000 mph

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International-Space-StationASTRONAUTS aboard the International Space Station were forced to adopt emergency 'lifeboat procedures' as a piece of space junk bore down on them at 17,000 mph.


The six crewmen squeezed into two Russian Soyuz escape craft after the fast-approaching debris was picked up on Space Station radar.

The astronauts prepared for an emergency return to earth but the space junk flew by – narrowly averting a major space catastrophe by 800 feet.

The near miss was at 21.08 GMT.

The Pentagon warned recently that a space junk collision was an increasing threat.

An abandoned satellite travelling at 17,000 mph would anhihilate the International Space Station.

Military data , TV signals, weather forecasts, GPS navigation and international phone connections could be knocked out by such a collision.

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