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Nurse offers cut-price kitchen table penis enlargement surgery – and it's not illegal

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sealant-gunA NURSE in London is offering kitchen-table penis enlargement operations using a DIY sealant gun on the scrotum – and it's not illegal.


The £120 ($200) surgery involves injecting silicone sealant into the genitals in the hope of enhancing their manhood.

Working nurse Jeremy Luke Castle offers the procedure from his tiny flat which he sharesd with his three cats.

He said: “It's not rocket science. The scrotum is very easy and it's just a case of hitting the best place.

“It's medical grade silicone. The equipment I use is sterilised with copious amounts of disinfectant. It's not really dangerous.

“If it's done incorrectly you could inject silicone into the blood vessel and that would result in the patient being, well, dead.”

He added he had no plans to give up the day job saying: “This is a sideline. I haven't had any complications with any of the people I've done.”



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