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Sarah Palin to run for the White House in 2010 with 'most unorthodox campaign ever'

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Ssarah-palin-fingersARAH PALIN will run the most unorthodox presidential campaign ever seen for her tilt at the White House in 2012, it was revealed today.


Peter Singleton, a California lawyer who has spent the past eight months organising for Palin in Iowa, told the Daily Telegraph the controversial politician would run an 'unorthodox, grassroots campaign, the likes of which you’ve never seen'.

Singleton said: “She’s the right person at this time.

“If you look back at Churchill’s time, in 1938 Churchill was unelectable, in 1940 he was indispensable.
“I can’t see her sitting this one out, the stakes are too high. It goes back to 1940. Can you see Churchill sitting it out? It’s unthinkable. Can you see George Washington in 1776 sitting it out? Unthinkable. He wanted to be back on his farm but they said we need you to be president of the republic.”
Mr Singleton, 56, fronts the national Organize4Palin group.

He has helped build a political network for the former Alaska governor, whose presidential intentions have kept Americans guessing for months.

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