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Price of a gallon of petrol slashed – but only if you buy a gallon of Coke!

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CokeSUPERMARKET Giant Tesco is slashing 15p off a gallon of petrol – but only if you buy a gallon of Coca-Cola and a load of tuna.


The bizarre promotion offers shoppers a good deal on filling up their cars but they have to spend £50 in store and two of the purchases have to be a four-pack of Princes tuna in brine - and a 30-pack of Coca-Cola.
But not everyone is happy. Edmund King, president of motorist group the AA, said: “Drivers want to fill up with a gallon of petrol - not a gallon of Coke.
“I haven't heard of a 15p cut yet. But they're dictating what people eat and drink. I'd rather just see a straight reduction in petrol.”
Tesco UK chief exec Richard Brasher said: “It's the best fuel deal you'll find anywhere in the UK.”
Shoppers not wanting Coke or tuna can get 5p a litre off by spending £50. Buying the Coca-Cola gets them another 5p off - as does the tuna.

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