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Endangered giant turtles dying in agony because of human sea-borne trash

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giant-sea-turtleA GIANT sea turtle was found dead after consuming enough bits of discarded plastic to cover an entire table.


Vets carrying out an investigation into how the animal died discovered 317 separate pieces of garbage including  bags, lids, tape and fishing line.

They concluded that the turtle starved to death after its digestive system shut down.

And the animal, found on a beach in Ballina, New South Wales, is just one of tens of thousands being poisoned by massive amounts of man-made waste infecting the world's oceans.

A recent studied concluded at least one third of all sea turtles are affected.

Marine biologist Rochelle Ferris said: “It just shows how much plastic there is out there in the ocean. The turtle's digestive system just shut down.”

There are only around 35,000 giant sea turtles left in the wild. Scientists see them as our closest link to the dinosaurs.


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