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Shoppers flee as cars drive into shopping mall after pranksters switch sign

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car_on_stairsPRANKSTERS have been blamed for switching a car-park sign leaving motorists driving down a staircase to a shopping mall.


Shoppers ran in disbelief as three drivers made the right turn expecting a ramp to an underground car-park and instead drove down a flight of stairs into a shopping precinct.

One of the motorists Xiang Zhen got her car stuck on the stairs in Liuzhou, in southern China’s Guangxi Province, and had to call in a tow truck to help her out.

She is now demanding compensation from mall bosses.

She said: “I saw a sign overhead saying ‘car park’ so I drove under it, but the road instantly plummeted and became so bumpy.”

Mall bosses had no real explanation as to why the car-park sign pointed to the stairwell but pranksters are believed to have been involved.

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